802 Freedom Fundraising

We have started a Go Fund Me for a general donation fund for 802 Freedom (Link HERE).

We also have a paypal account for such (802freedom@protonmail.com). As 802 Freedom grows, it becomes more and more necessary to start a general fund for donations. Expenses include but are not limited to:

*Website costs

*Advertising costs

*Event costs

We aim to keep things as free or as cheap as possible. However, in our quest to organize events and keep the website and newsletter going, and other things, there are still costs involved.


The website renewal is due in Sept 2021 and will cost $216.

The protonmail account is $5/month.

Paid Zoom accounts cost $15/month.

Facebook advertising is often used to promote our bigger events which varies in price but is generally $10-$20 per promotion.

We would like to make our events safer and more functional for kids which has already accrued a cost of $70 for communication equipment and may have to include hiring out for private security.

When asked, many musicians will not play without getting paid.

In short, we are starting this general fund to help cover these costs and have funds available for things like event insurance or Port-O-Potties for events on the lawn.

We would be grateful if you are able to donate to the cause. All expenditures using money from this fund will be catalogued and kept for record. Please feel free to share this post or the link to the Go Fund Me :)

Thank you for your continued support and for all you do to build this network!

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