802 Freedom Picnic, 5/15/21Press Release

Updated: May 14

May. 6, 2021

Vermont- On Saturday, May. 15, 2021 at 230pm we will be hosting an event at the Vermont statehouse in Montpelier.

On this same day and at the same location, John Klar of the Vermont Liberty Network will be hosting a rally at noon, and at 230, the World Wide Demo will be joining us.

The purpose of this 802 Freedom Picnic is to gather the citizens and families of Vermont in a discussion of truth, liberty, life and love. We strongly encourage people to reach out and get to know others in attendance. 802 Freedom is a network and our goal is to help people find each other, to learn what is going on around the state and make new connections.

Additionally, there‘s nothing quite like the words of passionate patriots echoing off the walls of the big, stone buildings surrounding the lawn, while our flags dance in the breeze around us, and passers by stop to listen.

At 2:30pm, the 802 Freedom Picnic will begin its assembly.

At 3:00pm, speakers will start. The topics discussed will vary from the constitution, to Covid lockdowns to unlawful governments to the psychological effects of mask wearing to Nazi Germany to social engineering. Some of the Speakers include:

Bradley Rausch

Brandon Zollino


Charles Wilson

Claudia Stauber

Comedian Suzan Ambrose

Gregory Thayer, MBA; Founder of "Vermonter for Vermont Initiative".

John Klar

Matthew Sellers

Mike Desautel

Shylo Bourdeau

and more!

At approximately 4:00-4:30, once all of the speakers have spoken, we will have an Open Mic where audience members can speak. If you wish to speak at the Open Mic, please sign up beforehand at the 802 Freedom table.

After the Open Mic, at about 5:00pm, we may end with a sing a long and some music, followed by a stroll through downtown as a group, weather and interest permitting. Feel free to have your signs and flags handy! The more the merrier!

At the Education Station and 802 Freedom table, you will also find our email sign up sheet, some informative hand outs, and bumper stickers. If you have like things to add to the info table, by all means, bring them with or contact us ahead of time at: 802freedom@protonmail.com. We encourage you to bring flags and signs and a chair, as well as snacks for yourself.

We have obtained a permit for this event, and as such, there are some guidelines to follow. Please see the PDF that they sent me regarding said guidelines (Link here).

This event will be video recorded and there may be several photographers present.

As always, this is a peaceful, family friendly and lawful event. Leave any drama or otherwise in the car. We welcome those who wish to act in accordance with such to join us and support some amazing speakers and find others of like mind.

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