A Meeting with Building and General Services, Montpelier And Capitol Police By: Jim Sexton

Okay, Boys and Girls: on Wednesday afternoon, June 30, 2021, Shylo Bordeaux, Mary Sheldon, Eric Sheldon, John Klar and I met with Bill Mcsallis and Jim Brigham from Vermont Buildings and General Services. Bill is head of Security and Jim is the Threat Manager for the State. They have multiple disciplines to take care of. We were joined by Chief Brian Peete, Captain Eric Nordenson of the Montpelier Police Department and for a short period of time Chief Romei of the Capitol Police.

I had arranged the meeting to discuss the security arrangements for our upcoming events at the Statehouse. There have been multiple verbal and physical assaults on people attending our events going back to the Rally to Support Law Enforcement in July of last year. The most recent being May 15th of this year when three of our friends were physically struck, pepper sprayed and almost run down in a series of events that quickly evolved. We have security video of almost all that took place and charges have been filed on the adult and three juveniles that committed these crimes (court dates are coming soon ).

We expressed our concerns that over the last three events the confrontations have become increasingly more violent. We have asked for and received committment from Bill and Jim that they will be more proactive, providing more staff, more cameras and bringing in additional Law Enforcement for the event on July 3rd. Chief Peete and Captain Nordenson have also stated their willingness to provide a much more proactive presence. As the organizers, we will make more information available about security and personal responsibility at our events.

We had a good dialogue with each other today, and we all want the same thing. A safe, educational and fun experience for true Patriots supporting Vermont, America and each other.

Today was very promising; we now know how to contact the people directly responsible for a safe event for all of us. Prior to an event and during if necessary. We have commitments that the safety and security of everyone attending our events will be the highest priority.

John Klar will host an event at the Statehouse this Saturday the 3rd to celebrate America's Independence ( 12-2PM ) All are welcome.

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