An Open Letter to Vermont Media

On Friday you will have another opportunity to question Scott about the assault that took place on May 15th on the Statehouse lawn where a woman attacked two women and a man. The woman slapped and hit one of my friends with a sign, then she pepper sprayed her and another woman. Immediately after she ran to her pickup truck and tried to drive away. Another of my friends tried to stop the woman from driving away and she tried to drive thru him. Two security guards were standing by yelling at the woman not to drive away. My friend who had been slapped and pepper sprayed by this woman also stood in front of the pickup truck trying to force the woman to stop. She didn't, she drove through both of them.

This attack is on video, the Montpelier Police have it and multiple witnesses have given statements to them.

Going on two weeks after this assault, and no arrest yet.

I have contacted Stuart Ledbetter from WPTZ and he hasn't responded. Why haven't any of you reported this ?

That's rhetorical, because my friends are law abiding Vermonters.

The very least you could do is ask Scott about it tomorrow.

I am asking everyone who sees this post to share it and call them.


Concerned Citizen of Vermont

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