An Open Letter to Vermonters

Dear friends,

Greetings from every corner of our beautiful state! We are here to invite you to unite with us, and thousands of others.

802 Freedom was started in 2020, originally in opposition to the statewide mask manate in Vermont. Now, we hope to go far beyond the face mask.

We are uniting the clans!

In these past months, we’ve come to realize that there are many isolated and fragmented groups of Vermont patriots who are yearning for others of like mind.

We are many, many citizens who know something is wrong and want to take back our state, but we are not united. Bridges have been broken and burned over the years because of politics and petty differences, egos and agendas.

The fear that threatens to choke us is palpable.

802 Freedom was founded as a way to unite us all under one umbrella. Our website was built as place where one can go and join up with others who are already on the same page and as a way for us to all communicate with each other. It has also become a way for the many to advocate for those in need of support and resources. It has become a community where people share ideas and support one another, without the egos or the agendas.

It is becoming an army!

We reach out to you to ask that you join us. 

Please sign up at our website and look into our public forum for open engagement and our private groups for more secure discussion.

Share your events and learn of others. 

If you have a website that is devoted to freedom in one way or another and is local to Vermont, we would love to have your site linked on our menu for more people to increase your reach. 

If you have an existing Facebook group, we welcome you to create your group on the 802 Freedom website and invite your existing Facebook members to migrate.

Our need for clear and growing channels of communication couldn’t be greater! We are in dire and trying times and we must find and support each other. 

Please reach out to us if you would like to join a fast growing community of people who believe in freedom and community. 

Together, we are strong!

Blessings, Freedom, & Unity,

Shylo Bourdeau

Mary Sheldon

Founders of 802 Freedom


The 802 Freedom Team & Family


⛰Do You Have a Personal Story or Research Article That You Would Like to Contribute to 802Freedom?

⛰Email us at

⛰Please Excuse Our Appearance While Under Construction! ***

Dear Vermonters,

Please follow the link below and sign and share this petition if you believe that mask wearing should be a choice and not a mandate 💚

👉🏻Find the Petition Here👈🏻



We encourage nonviolent, lawful participation in community growth, safety and prosperity. This group/website absolutely does NOT endorse illegal or criminal activity. Each group/website member acts of their own accord and free will.

802 Freedom and its creators and moderators do NOT ever endorse criminal, violent, or unlawful behavior.

Any threats or behavior otherwise unbecoming or unlawful against group/website members, against the public or against public officials and literally anyone else will constitute removal from the group/website.

802 Freedom and its creators and moderators are not to be held responsible for the individual actions of group/website members.

We come in peace and love and our aims are lawful.

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