Are The People Being Silenced?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By: Mary Sheldon

I was told once that one of the benefits of getting involved in the government goings on here in Vermont is that the government officials here are very accessible.

In theory, this could make sense.

Perhaps it’s the population of approximately 623,000 or maybe it’s the small town feel in nearly every corner of the state.

Indeed, after we flooded Phil Scott’s office with phone calls and emails - a few months back- begging him to not mandate facial coverings on a state level, I thought he had heard us.

Alas, on August 1, he mandated facial coverings, with virtually no basis for it.

I realized, with some trepidation, that we might be being ignored. Blown off, if you will.

That being said, there may have been other...”incidents”... that make me wonder if there is an attempt to silence the people.

For the sake of privacy, I will be speaking hypothetically.

Consider a researcher, who has compiled an impressive body of findings; information that show that C*o*v*i*d tests may be faulty or that the virus has yet to be isolated, among other pertinent info. They may have contacted a prominent Vermont news outlet who says they won’t cover it because it doesn’t fit the official narrative.

There may have been a multitude of concerned citizens who contacted multiple attorneys with questions about the current “emergency situation “ in Vermont, only to be consistently turned away.

Maybe, two Vermonters started a petition to see how many other Vermonters disagreed with mandated facial coverings. Maybe this petition has nearly 4,000 signature. Maybe the Governor has been contacted repeatedly regarding this petition yet refuses to respond to the petitioners many requests for a discussion. Additionally, he may have acknowledged it at one press conference in July, yet may have denied knowledge of its existence at another press conference in September.

Maybe, these two petitioners set up a meeting with another leading news outlet, only to have one of them excluded at the last minute, with no explanation.

There may have also been a group of distinguished Vermonters who may have requested a meeting with the Governor regarding the dangers of further v*a*c*c*i*n*e mandates. Maybe the Governor has denied this request to date, even though the requesting group will work completely with his schedule.


Is that not the people’s state house? Do we not have a huge voice in the checks and balances of our government?

Is it not the government‘s duty to uphold our rights? Are the people not the very fabric of the glorious state of Vermont?


Well, the joke is on you, you would be silencers, you! These are your obstacles, not ours. We are many and we are strong!

We will be heard!


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Dear Vermonters,

Please follow the link below and sign and share this petition if you believe that mask wearing should be a choice and not a mandate 💚

👉🏻Find the Petition Here👈🏻



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