Assault Aftermath

By: Jim Sexton

I went to Montpelier yesterday to find out why Darien McElwain, the woman that assaulted three of our friends at a Rally on the Statehouse lawn May 15th was given the Diversion program instead of facing criminal charges.

I spoke with Sargeant Jeff Pearson and he told me the charges he filed did not include Aggrevated Assault or Reckless Endangerment, two of the charges that preclude anyone from being eligible for the Court Diversion Program.

I asked him him why and he said that no one lost an Arm or anything and that is where he thinks the bar should be set. I asked if him if he thought the fact the woman drove through Kay Sea and Josh while running away was Reckless Endangerment ? He said he watched the video, but if the State Attorney wanted to file that charge she could have.

She didn't do either. Her name is Rory Thibault. She made it as easy as possible for Darien McElwain to skate and not be held accountable for slapping and then striking Kay Sea with a sign she stole from a nearby property, then Pepper spraying Kay Sea, Josh and Shona, then almost running Kay Sea and Josh down with her truck as she fled the scene.

Rory Thibault doesn't think any of those are worth charging someone with a crime. This pervasiveness in the State Attorney's office throughout Vermont, Liberal Judges that won't hold anyone accountable, ( but are more than happy to see law abiding Vermonters get attacked ) and no justice for law abiding Vermonters has placed us all in harms way.

I along with several other Patriots met with the Head of Buildings and General Services Security for the State, the Threat Manager and Chief Peete and Captain Nordenson of the Montpelier Police to find a way to ensure our safety at events on the Statehouse property. It was very good and productive meeting.

Maybe it was all for nothing. Because once again the people responsible for enforcing the Laws of this State proved we aren't good enough.

I pray there won't be a next time, because we will defend ourselves now.

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