Covid in Vermont, Part One: Death Stats

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

With Contributions from Laurie Mcintosh & Mary Sheldon

When the first official case of Covid 19 was announced in the Green Mountain State on March.7, 2020, Vermont was immediately enveloped in a sort of dread that hardly could have been anticipated.

On March. 13, 2020, Vermont Governor Phil Scott declared a state of emergency.

Businesses and employees were suddenly deemed essential or non and the unemployment system was promptly overwhelmed with applications for claims. I recall my own stomach dropping when my boss handed me a letter to keep in my car (stating I was an “essential employee “) should I get stopped by law enforcement or the National Guard.

The air was ripe with silence, disinfectant and the foul odor of slight hysterical terror.

K-12 Schools closed on March.15, 2020; families flung unceremoniously into a life of toilet paper shortages, financial upheaval and distance learning.

A handful of towns, including Burlington and Brattleboro, implemented town wide face mask ordinances in May.

On Aug, 1, 2020, a statewide mask mandate was rolled out.

Plexiglass shields abound in gas stations and grocery stores.

People rarely hug or shake hands and some refuse to leave their homes.

One would think that the world has been plunged into a second wave of the medieval Black Plague.

But...what do the numbers say?

Our own Laurie McIntosh reached out to the Vermont Department of Health for more information on the Covid 19 related deaths in Vermont.

The email from the Vermont Department of Health explains:

“...Please note that the number of COVID deaths in Vermont (58) counted on our Department's Current COVID-19 Activity in Vermont Page reflects persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 who died in Vermont (residents and nonresidents) as well as Vermont residents who died in other states.   Attached is a spreadsheet which contains the information you requested from the death certificates of persons who died in Vermont in 2020 where COVID-19 (laboratory confirmed or presumed) was indicated on the death certificate.  CauseA, CauseB, CauseC and CauseD and  Other Conditions (these are conditions contributing to death but not resulting in the underlying cause of death) were entered by the licensed health care professional who completed the certificate.  CauseA represents the “immediate cause” or “final disease or condition resulting in death” with causes b, c and d representing the sequential conditions, if any, that lead to CauseA...”

👉🏻This spreadsheet was attached.👈🏻

The spreadsheet lists 58 cases.

Covid 19-Lab Confirmed is listed as “Cause A” in 22 of the 58 cases.

Of the remaining 36 cases:

  • 10 list Covid 19-Lab confirmed as “Cause B”

  • 10 list Covid 19-Lab Confirmed as “Cause C”

  • 1 lists Covid 19-Lab Confirmed as “Cause D”

  • 6 list Covid-19 Lab Confirmed in “Other Conditions.”

Place of death type:

  • 31 of the 58 listed were in nursing homes/long term care facilities.

  • 17 of the 58 listed were hospital inpatient.

  • 8 of 58 listed were in hospital ICU.

“Other Conditions “ listed include COPD, diabetes, hypertension, leukemia, chronic kidney disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, failure to thrive and laboratory confirmed COVID-19 positive 11 weeks prior to death.

The Following Shows the Current Covid Stats in Vermont:

Vermont population 2020, according to

What story do these numbers tell?

Do they show that people are randomly dropping dead like flies from Covid 19 and that there was/is a state of emergency in Vermont?


Do they paint a picture of a system where some of our elderly are in such poor health that some of them die from a virus with a low infection fatality ratio while in nursing homes or long term care facilities?

What do these numbers speak to regarding the conditions of the aforementioned facilities? I urge you to contact your state health department to verify the Covid deaths in your state.

The numbers may tell a slightly different tale than the preferred narrative.


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