Covid in Vermont, Part Two: Death Stats

Updated: Mar 7

With Contributions from Eric and Mary Sheldon

On October.4, 2020, we shared a post called Covid in Vermont, Part One: Death Stats , where we analyzed the death certificate data of Vermont's Covid deaths, as supplied by the Vermont Department of Health.

What we found was that while 58 deaths were being widely reported as "Covid deaths", only 22 of the 58 listed actually named "Covid 19 Laboratory Confirmed" as the cause of death.

Vermont deaths/cases remained fairly low throughout the spring and summer of 2020. Several weeks after Governor Phil Scott rolled out a statewide mask mandate (August 1, 2020), cases began to increase. In a matter of 4 months (since the first part of this series), Covid deaths in Vermont have nearly tripled.

Our own Eric Sheldon decided to reach out to the Vermont Department of Health for more information on the Covid 19 related deaths in Vermont.

👉🏻This spreadsheet was sent to him and lists 160 cases👈🏻

Covid 19-Lab Confirmed is listed as “Cause A” in 42 of the 160 cases.

Of the remaining 118 cases:

  • 35 list Covid 19-Lab confirmed as “Cause B”

  • 24 list Covid 19-Lab Confirmed as “Cause C”

  • 6 lists Covid 19-Lab Confirmed as “Cause D”

  • 17 list Covid-19 Lab Confirmed in “Other Conditions.”

Place of death type:

  • 94 of the 160 listed were in nursing homes/long term care facilities.

  • 47 of the 160 listed were in the hospital.

  • 15 of the 160 listed were home

“Other Conditions “ listed include COPD, diabetes, hypertension, leukemia, chronic kidney disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, failure to thrive and laboratory confirmed COVID-19 positive 11 weeks prior to death.

The Following Shows the Current Covid Stats in Vermont:

Vermont population 2020, according to

What story do these numbers tell?

Do they show that people are randomly dropping dead like flies from Covid 19 and that there was/is a state of emergency in Vermont?

Or do they paint a picture of a system where some of our elderly may be in such poor health that some of them die from a virus with a low infection fatality ratio while in nursing homes or long term care facilities?

What do these numbers speak to regarding the conditions of the aforementioned facilities?

I urge you to contact your state health department to verify the Covid deaths in your state.

The numbers may tell a slightly different tale than the preferred narrative.


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