Enhanced Energy Plan, seeking resisters

A note from a concerned citizen of Vermont:

I am on my town energy committee and we are in process of implementing an Enhanced Energy Plan. The plan as written establishes goals and targets for weatherization, EVs, electrification, etc based on abstract baseline data, with which we will be instantly out of compliance. The plan is to integrate the Enhanced Enhanced Plan with the town plan. This becomes a political weapon via Act 250 and town zoning. So, I am championing the softening of the power of the document as a minority (conservative) member of the committee. I am subjected repeatedly to bullying in committee meetings and ignored until I cant be ignored any further. Are you aware of anyone fighting the same fight? I have local support but I am the only one on the front line. These Energy policies are dangerous in many ways. I am looking to network with resisters.

Contact: Dexter Lefavour

Email: lefavourvt@gmail.com

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