My Thoughts on Vaccinations

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By: Mary Sheldon

When my first baby was born, I gave no thoughts to the fact that he would get shots. Literally, no thoughts whatsoever.

I wasn’t asked if I consented to the ones given at birth; I didn’t even know you got shots at birth these days. His first couple of visits to the pediatrician , he got jabbed in the legs and the drops administered and I considered it so routine that I didn’t think twice or even once about it.

Within the week before his six month doc visit, I was strolling through the local library, and a book on the new releases shelf caught my eye. It was by an author who had written a book about her pregnancy and I read it while I was pregnant and thought it was hysterical.

I’m not even sure what the cover of this one said. I noted it was a photo of her and her son and mindlessly checked it out.

A comical book about her life with her kid, I thought. Awesome.

Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy.

Later that night, I laid down to read it, anxious for a good laugh.

Instead , what I came across was pure tragedy.

The book was about life with her kid, alright, but more so how he had been vaccine injured.


I poured through the book ravenously, appalled by what I was reading.

Was this even a thing??

There was not only her personal account of her experience, but also accounts of other parents who believed that their baby was vaccine injured, too.

Babies of all ages, who met their milestones and communicated and walked and shined, until shortly after getting immunized, and then they were gone. Stopped talking, stopped walking, became vegetables. Their eyes dull like they weren’t there.

Respectively, they were sick, developed behavior problems, had asthma, eczema, breathing issues, inconsolable screaming, developmental delays, autism, ear infections, paralysis and even death.

So many issues in so many babies and kids!


I had shots, right? I was fine…right?

I recalled being plagued with ear infections and skin problems as a kid . My familial and personal genetics will be discussed in another post which is a whole other can of worms regarding vaccinations and I praise God that I did not continue vaccinating.

I imagined my son who, at 6 months, was rapidly advancing and smart as a whip, suddenly…not.

I imagined him not sitting up or laughing any more and never seeing his bright smile when I walked into the room. His babbling gone.

The personal accounts in this book were heartbreaking.

Gut wrenching.

I read it in one night and I couldn’t sleep. I thought of his upcoming doc visit and wondered if they gave shots at 6 months.

I realized that I had no idea what the recommended vaccine schedule was, let alone anything about it. I was a mother and knew nothing.

My feathers were ruffled and my mind raced.

I needed more info!

This was long before the days of my cell phone being glued to my hand, so back to the library I went, hoping they would have something. And for any of you haters out there reading this, I didn’t just google search and call it a day.

I got all the books and DVDs I could find, which didn’t amount to much, but what I lacked in quantity I was able to make up for in quality.

If I ever look up or remember the names of any of the books I read, I’ll come back here and edit but as I write this, I couldn’t tell you.


So, the pivotal book I read was about four inches thick, and went into great detail about such things as CDC studies, cover ups and whistle blowers, and immunology and more testimonials from parents saying the same things as the last book:

Childhood immunizations injured or killed their child.

It was several reading levels above what I normally read and by the end my head was exploding.

Like, it bordered on “text book “. It was pretty legit.

I decided to, at the very least, withhold his shots until I had done enough research to make an educated decision.

I was a bit nervous going to the doctor . Based on what I had researched, parents who question or oppose vaccinations aren’t exactly met with open arms.

“Does he have shots today?” I asked, once the appointment pleasantries had concluded.

“Yes, he does.” The pediatrician replied cheerfully.

“I’d like to hold off on them. I just recently came across some information that I’d like to research more before I continue with the shots.”

I felt I was being a responsible parent.

I mean, shoot. I wouldn’t leave my kids with a babysitter without researching them, too, now would I?

The pediatrician, on the other hand, got mad-physically, even!

She damn near slammed her file folder shut and glared at me.

“There is zero evidence that vaccines cause autism.” She barked.


Sh*t, what about the vaccine deaths?!

“I’m not saying he’s not getting them in the future. I just need to research it more to make the best decision.” I couldn’t believe that I had to explain myself like this.

My baby, my decisions, dammit!

“That’s Fine. Do you have any more questions?”

“No, I think that’s about it.”

“Ok. Have a good day.”

And she left the room.

I promptly found another pediatrician.

Over the next several years, I did even more research which cemented my decision to not vaccinate my children.

  • I weighed the risks vs the benefits, read about diets and how the body functions.

  • I looked into the vaccine injury court, and what injuries were reported.

  • I’ve read CDC statistics and European studies.

  • I learned about the legal immunity of vaccine manufacturers and providers who are exempt from legal action in the event of injury.

  • I’ve read and watched dozens and dozens of testimonials and documentaries.

  • Found package inserts and ingredient lists, and the prevalence of the diseases that are vaccinated against.

  • Learned about shedding and how vitamin deficiencies drastically impact your suspectibility to viruses like the measles, and how amazing vitamin C is against the bacteria that causes whooping cough, and how ineffective and dangerous the pertussis shot actually is.

  • Researched studies that show that certain vaccinations immediately increase allergies.

  • Listened to lectures from scientists and doctors who refer to things like The Cutter Incident and vaccine induced polio and meningitis and aborted fetal cells.

  • Ive found studies from decades ago showing that mercury and aluminum toxicity are documented and known to cause massive amounts of harm for generations – see Calomel.

I did not come to this decision lightly but I made it. I decided the risk of getting the shots was not worth the benefit of getting the shots.

I’ve certainly faced opposition because of this. I’ve had to change pediatricians three times. I’ve been lied to by the “best pediatrician on the island ” regarding heavy metals in vaccines. On the CDCs own website, there is a vaccine ingredient PDF that lists aluminum (at a minimum) in nearly every single one.

The procedure at school and daycare is a hassle. I have friends and family members who quietly, yet violently oppose my choice.

Initially, I was scared to death.

What if they catch something?

What if they can’t get into school?

What if I am declared negligent and my babies are taken away from me?

I’ve done my research and I know my rights and I know now, years later, there are huge differences between my oldest who has most of his baby shots and my two youngest who only had the Vitamin K at birth.

I’ve battled many thoughts and many people.

Heck, I battled my husband before we even got married or thought about having children together. I wanted to put my beliefs out on the table NOW and not after I was pregnant and it was too late. We got into a real life argument about it, and he did his own research and decided he agreed with me.

I feel that these hurdles have been worthwhile. There is nothing more important to me than the health, safety and well-being of my children and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

My faith is in God and the incredible system that is nature and the human body!

I watch them very closely and I have strict guidelines about fevers and sicknesses. I don’t hesitate to bring them to the doctor if they need it.

My stance on giving MY children immunizations is very rigid and I won’t budge on it.

I have to say, I personally know more people who believe that they or their child has been vaccine injured than I know people who have contracted the diseases that are commonly vaccinated against.

I can’t, in all good conscience, and after everything I have researched and seen in life in general, take ANY risk that may or may not permanently injure my kids.

And that includes vaccinations.

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.


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