No Mask Mandates in Vermont

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By: Mary Sheldon

On July. 28, 2020, two concerned Vermonters started a petition.

That Tuesday was the day that Governor Phil Scott announced that he “may” be mandating face masks, months into the Covid 19 upheaval. Predictably, facial coverings became ordered at a state level on August .1, 2020.

Vermont has a population of approximately 620,000.

To date, there have been 58 deaths from or with Covid19 in the Green Mountain State. Rest In Peace.

While any death is tragic, these numbers hardly necessitate an emergency.

I think an actual emergency is the state of our nursing homes and long term care facilities.


Governor Scott has taken his emergency powers to the extreme. He cites caution and care to justify his actions, which have needlessly sent his constituents spiraling downward, along with their farms, small businesses and sanity.

This petition touches specifically on mask mandates, which we consider to be a medical procedure and therefore, it is not for any government body to attempt to mandate it for the people.

We reserve the right to choice and full bodily autonomy.

The decision to cover your nose and mouth needs to remain a choice and that is the point of this petition.

To date, there are over 3,100 signatures from citizens all over Vermont. The goal is to unite Vermonters and facilitate change.

If you believe, for any reason, that face masks should never be mandated, please sign and share the petition below and consider becoming a member of our website and groups.

Link to petition here!


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Dear Vermonters,

Please follow the link below and sign and share this petition if you believe that mask wearing should be a choice and not a mandate 💚

👉🏻Find the Petition Here👈🏻



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