Opinion re: Rally for Support for The (former) UPS Store, Newport, VT

By: Jim Sexton

Got home from Newport about 5 PM.

There was a good show of people there, nice to see a few familiar faces. Also met some Facebook friends in person. Thank you to all who showed up.

Here's the breakdown ;

The store owner, Mike Desautels and I had a good conversation. I asked him four specific questions ;

1. Since the time you and your employees have not worn masks have any of you tested positive for covid ?

2. Since the time you and your employees have not worn masks have any immediate family members tested positive for covid ?

3. Since that time have you received notice of any customers testing positive for covid ?

4. Since that time you and your employees have not worn masks have any of the UPS

Drivers or other vendors that come into your store tested positive for covid ?

No, no, no and no were Mike's responses.

Doesn't matter to Scott or Donovan, though. Scott’s illegal, unconstitutional and unlawful mandates have crushed many small businesses and hurt many thousands of Vermont families.

Now Donovan has filed a lawsuit against Mike Desautels for Endangering the public.

Mike has proven for many months that no one has been placed in danger. Mike has signs placed for all to see that employees do not wear masks. If you are uncomfortable with that please do not come in.

How is Mike endangering anyone?

He isn't, he hasn't, period.

All this time and none of the hundreds if not thousands of people that come into the store have tested positive for covid.

Who is endangered, Donovan?

How is it that anyone is endangered at Mr. Desautels store because they aren't wearing masks, but when anyone sits down in a restaurant and removes their mask they aren't endangering the waitstaff ?

The waitstaff will almost always have much closer contact and for a much greater period of time than any interactions at Mr. Desautels business.

So if anyone is endangered, Mr. Donovan, it would obviously be someone in much closer contact for a much greater period of time. Get your ticket book out and prove it. Shut down and sue every restaurant in Vermont. Or back off and stop the lies.

Governor Scott and AG Donovan are the ones endangering the public with illegal, unconstitutional, and unlawful mandates and over reaching threats to Mr. Desautels and his family, just like they have done to many thousands of Vermonters and their families.

Mr. Desautels has also been harmed because UPS Cooperate has cut off operations with him as of last week. That must mean that UPS is going to shut down all the franchises in South Dakota and Florida where there are no mask mandates, right ?

Last Friday the owner of the building where Mikes business is located sent an eviction notice. Despite the fact that no one has been harmed in any way.

I support Mr. Desautels and his staff for standing up to fight for their

Constitutional Rights. You can contact the store at 802-487-0643 and tell them you support them too.

They are also looking for donations to their legal fund. The address is 2922 Vt Route 101, North Troy, Vt. 05859, make them payable to Derby Port Press. Or you can use the Venmo account @Michael-Desautels-4

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