Press Release re: Commemorative Rally

March. 3, 2021

Press Release- For Immediate Release

Contact: Mary Sheldon:

Vermont (March. 3,2021) - On March. 13, 2021, the 802 Freedom Network is holding a commemorative rally to mark one year of Covid restrictions in Vermont.

The rally will be held at the Vermont statehouse in Montpelier at 1:00pm. Speakers will begin at 1:30pm. We will have flags, signs, sledding, and good cheer. As usual, 802 Freedom Network sponsored events are always family friendly, lawful and peaceful events.

The 802 Freedom Network serves as a gathering place for freedom loving individuals to find and lend support, information and resources.

To be incredibly clear, the following is an excerpt from the 802 Freedom Foundational Documents:

We encourage nonviolent, lawful participation in community growth, safety and prosperity. 802 Freedom Coordination Team and network absolutely do NOT endorse harmful, toxic, illegal or criminal activity or behavior. Violations of our guiding principles, any threats or behavior otherwise unbecoming or unlawful against 802 Freedom Network members, the 802 Freedom Coordination Team, against the public or public officials may result in removal of the offending party from the network without notice or warning.

If you have any ill intent, harmful motives, intend to cause a ruckus in any fashion, have been removed from the 802 Freedom Network for violating group standards, have threatened current members in any way, or tend to be generally disagreeable in character, the 802 Freedom Coordination Team does not extend you an invitation. The safety and security of our Network members and those attending our events is of utmost important to us, as is our reputation as a lawful and peaceful organization.

With that said, this event is to be held on public property, where any individual has the right to be present by law. It should be understood that the 802 Freedom Network and/or Coordination Team is not responsible for the actions of individuals in or out of its network.

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