Protect Vermont’s Children

From Marcella Eversole

Who is going to write to Phil Scott and make sure he understands that his policies are now going against the World Health Organization?

Dear Health Commissioner Mark Levine and those that serve Children and Families in my local Brattleboro Community,

My name is Marcella Eversole, I live in Putney, VT and I have been very disheartened that Vermont has been pushing an experimental vaccine without FDA approval on children.

Youth under 24, have a .003% chance of dying from COVID and a .002% chance of dying from the vaccine (not including permanent damage, seizures or other traumatic adverse reactions).

Plain and simple, pushing an experimental vaccine on kids causes more harm than good.

Yesterday, the World Health Organization came forward to say just that (though they said it clearly in bold letters on their website "Children should not be vaccinated" then were pressured to change the text to the watered down version which is now on their website (LINK HERE).

The WHO and CDC are being sued for Crimes Against Humanity for violating the Nuremberg Code. Vermont Health Department should be protecting Vermont children instead of backing the corporate criminals and institutions that are pushing unnecessary medical procedures onto one of our most vulnerable populations.

Please be a humble leader, admit a mistake has been made, and stop ALL vaccine clinics from giving this experimental shot to kids that are more likely to be harmed, than served by it!

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