What is 802 Freedom?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By: Mary Sheldon

802 Freedom started in 2020, when a group of Vermonters said enough is enough.

Many of us have known each other for years, some for months and others for merely days, but we are united by one common thread:

Our hunger for freedom.

We've had it with the misinformation, government overreach and attempts to distort and control our lives.

Now is the time for We, The People to connect and take a stand. Whether you stand for medical freedom, second amendment, cannabis, homeschooling, birthing rights, holding the government accountable and taking action or something else- we are in this together and we have each other’s backs.

Together, we are strong! We have to believe that this is possible and that we can make a change💚

There are systemic failures in nearly every branch of our government, media, public health systems, legal systems and education systems.

This MUST change.

Ever so slowly, our rights and freedoms are being eroded.

No more.

The buck stops here.

Unity and truth will be our freedom!

The goal of 802 Freedom is to join The People. To unite all of the small groups of freedom loving, passionate and patriotic Vermonters into one unstoppable force.

We are forming friendships and communities all over the state, in person and online. We are creating our own news and our own systems.

This website is community run, with contributions from real Vermonters with real opinions and expertise.

Here, you will find farmers, hospitality workers, medical professionals, business owners, legal professionals, educators, moms and dads, and everything in between.

Here, every citizen has a voice.

Each of us has our own calling and we encourage you to find the people in the community with similar goals.

We come in peace, but don’t mistake that we mean business.


This community is constantly moving and constantly evolving. Please join us! We thank you for your support!


⛰Do You Have a Personal Story or Research Article That You Would Like to Contribute to 802Freedom?

⛰Email us at 802freedom@protonmail.com

⛰Please Excuse Our Appearance While Under Construction! ***

Dear Vermonters,

Please follow the link below and sign and share this petition if you believe that mask wearing should be a choice and not a mandate 💚

👉🏻Find the Petition Here👈🏻



We encourage nonviolent, lawful participation in community growth, safety and prosperity. This group/website absolutely does NOT endorse illegal or criminal activity. Each group/website member acts of their own accord and free will.

802 Freedom and its creators and moderators do NOT ever endorse criminal, violent, or unlawful behavior.

Any threats or behavior otherwise unbecoming or unlawful against group/website members, against the public or against public officials and literally anyone else will constitute removal from the group/website.

802 Freedom and its creators and moderators are not to be held responsible for the individual actions of group/website members.

We come in peace and love and our aims are lawful.

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